Our Process

Freedom Bars fills a gap in the local market by supplying bespoke design security solutions for the home or business owner. We do not supply one-size-fits-all assembly line products. Freedom Bars are an investment in tailor-made product design at a very high specification of quality, strength, reliability and lasting appeal and value.


When you contact Freedom Bars you can be assured we will endeavour to assess and understand your security needs. We take every measure to supply the best long term solution for your home or business. The timeline between first contact and final installation usually follows the following order:

  1. Arrange a site visit
  2. Discuss your needs, ideas and concerns
  3. Introduce you to various options
  4. Measure and quote
  5. Narrow down solutions
  6. Explain the design process
  7. Present mockups
  8. Review, revise, finalise
  9. Execute
  10. Install


Our gate and burglar proofing design process